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breg story - Scott Blackwelder

When a customer calls, Breg rep Scott Blackwelder drops everything. Even his weekend tee time.

Scott Blackwelder
Breg Sales Representative,
Tri-State Orthopedic Products

"Scott is a valuable resource and integral part of our practice." - Christopher T. Morris, ATC/Director of DME/Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine

In addition to in-servicing staff, keeping practice managers apprised of industry developments and meeting with athletic trainers at local schools, Scott gladly helps customers - on the weekend.

"One recent Saturday, I asked Scott to deliver a cold therapy unit to a patient's home ASAP" said Chris Morris. "While Scott was at the home, he addressed a bracing issue on the spot. That's just one of many stories I have about Scott and the Breg team." For Scott and all Breg reps, that level of professionalism is par for the course.